Visit Jorethang and Feel Welcomed in the Delight of Sikkim

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Jorethang is a major town in the south Sikkim which is highly recommended by frequenters. It is also an important business hub in South Sikkim.

It is situated at an elevation of 300 m and has a pleasant temperate climate. It is located at the West Bengal borders at a distance of almost 30 km from Darjeeling. You can stay here for a day or two while moving towards Pelling. Jorethang is well connected by jeeps and buses and there are lots of activities to indulge in.

How to reach Jorethang-

By train-

NJP is the nearest Railway station which is situated at a distance of almost 90 km. You can avail Siliguri car service at NJP Station or can also prebook it to reach Jorethang.

By air-

Pakyong is the nearest airport which is present at a distance of approx 64km and from there Jorethang is further 2 hours and 30 minutes drive.

By road-

As mentioned earlier, Jorethang is well connected by buses and jeeps. You can book from car rental agency in Siliguri and travel to Jorethang hassle free. The distance between Siliguri and Jorethang is around 84 k and it takes almost 2 hours and 50 minutes when you drive.

Best time to visit Jorethang-

March to May is considered to be the best time to visit Sikkim as well as Jorethang. Due to its high altitudes, Sikkim remains cold throughout the year. However, during the summers the temperature remains quite pleasant for tourists to roam around.

Places to visit around Jorethang-

Jorethang itself is a mesmerizing destination where you get a heavenly feeling amidst the natural beauty. Still, there are some other breathtaking destinations around Jorethang which you can visit during your trip.

Some of them are-

  • Pelling, the second visited hill station in Sikkim is just 48.7 km away from here
  • Uttarey which is well known for its beauty and serenity is situated at a distance of 76 km from Jorethang
  • The picturesque location of Namchi which is a hot favorite tourists destination in Sikkim is just 76 km from Jorthang
  • Ravangla is also a lovely place in Sikkim which is situated at an elevation of 7000 ft. The distance between Ravangla and Jorethang is 50.7 km
  • Gangtok the capital city of Sikkim is the most visited hill station in Sikkim which is located almost 84 km away.

Jorethang is widely popular for the adventurous activities which test your endurance and agility. Paragliding is one of them.

Imagine the bird’s eye view of Sikkim from the top and feel the chill in the air when flying amidst the clouds. But before indulging in Paragliding you must be aware of the tips and have a safe Paragliding experience.

The most notable tips for Paragliding-

  • Sign up for a paragliding course
  • Get a certified instructor
  • Visit the whole range of area from start to finish to avoid dangerous objects
  • Never become overconfident and avoid radical stuff near the ground
  • Get the most suitable dress for the altitude
  • Avoid scratching
  • Choose a helmet with two hard layers
  • Restrict yourself from reaching the level of competency

Popular FAQs

Q. Where will I get the dress for paragliding?

A. You can buy it online or you can hire it from a trusted institute before paragliding.

Q. Is there any weight limit for Paragliding?

A. No, there is no weight limit for Paragliding.

Q. Is Paragliding safe for me?

A. Yes. According to the statistics, Paragliding is as safe as driving.

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