Tinchuley – Explore This Quiet Hamlet Destination For Your Next Vacation

Tinchuley in Darjeeling

Located about 30 kilometers away from the crowded hill-station of the town of Darjeeling with car booking from NJP is the quaint hamlet of Tinchuley. The word Tinchuley means “chullas” or ovens.

Even though it is a small village but due to the efforts of the local people it has become one of the most famous destinations in Darjeeling. So, here we are to give you a proper guide through this beautiful village by booking a  car from NJP to Darjeeling for you to relish the beauty of the place.

Best time to visit:

As the weather conditions are favorable, Tinchuley can be visited at any time of the year. The best time to visit Tinchuley is the months of October to April as this time of the year the weather remains clear and you can get the best views of the village. However, it gets cold during January and February.

How to reach:

  • Bagdogra to Tinchuley

Driving distance: 74.3 kilometers

Time taken: 2 hours and 54 minutes

  • NJP to Tinchuley

Driving distance: 70.4 kilometers approximately

Time taken: 2 hours and 38 minutes

  • Siliguri to Tinchuley

Driving distance: 65.7 kilometers approximately

Time taken: 2 hours and 39 minutes

Things to do in Tinchuley:

Other than just seeing the beauty of the tea gardens and the greenery of the village, you can indulge in few things to do while visiting Tinchuley.

  • Nature walk
  • Trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Cave hunting

Sights to explore in Tinchuley:

The primary attraction of Tinchuley is its natural scenic beauty. But even among them the small viewpoints to attract you all the way by car rent from NJP to Darjeeling through the roads of this little village.

1- See the Sunrise at Tinchuley Sunrise Point:

tinchuley sunrise view point
Image Courtesy: tripadvisor.in

This is the most beautiful place to see the first rays of the sunrise and the mesmerizing view of the sunset. The major part of Kalimpong and Namchi can be viewed from here.

2- Pray in front of Tinchuley Monastery:

This small monastery is a must-visit attraction in Tinchuley. The locals believe about a monk meditating here for 17 years which attracted more tourists in the recent days.

3- Practice rock climbing in Gumbadara Viewpoint:

gumbadara viewpoint
Gumbadara viewpoint. Image Courtesy: Travel Funda

It is at a short distance from Tinchuley which offers the majestic views of River Rangeet and a small part of Sikkim. A Gumbadar rock and caves are also present for climbers to practice and sightseeing.

Other awe-strucking views of Tinchuley:

Not only the sightseeing places are enough to amaze there are other local places to bring you a lot more surprises while staying at Tinchuley.

1- Taste the brewed leaves of the tea gardens:

Tea gardens are the major attractions of hill stations and without it a trip is incomplete. There are six tea gardens in Tinchuley and a visit to any of these will leave you spellbound with the flavor of the tea leaves.

2- Smell the flavor of the oranges:

This small village is quite famous for its orange plantations. There is a factory producing orange filled products which will let you feel your appetite before leaving Tinchuley.

3- A warm welcome in Chotamangwa

This village is one of the less explored places till it got famous by the locals. The hospitality and the warm welcome by the locals of the village will compel you to visit this place all over again on your next trip to Tinchuley.

4- Remember the Britishers in Takdah

It is a British cantonment and a popular base for cinchona plantation. You can get to see many British styled bungalows to stay or visit in Takdah.

Do not miss the chance of exploring this astonishing beauty

The peaceful nature and the serenity have attracted many nature lovers and photographers here. Moreover, it is the perfect destination and relaxes and rejuvenates your soul amidst the hills of Tinchuley.

So, do not just sit at home and get bored, instead tighten your shoelaces for an amazing and soothing trip to this heavenly Himalayan beauty.

Popular FAQs

Q: Which are the best guesthouse and homestays in Tinchuley?

A: Abhiraj Homestay, Gurung Guest House and Tinchuley Himalayan Homestay are few of the best guesthouse and homestays to stay in Tinchuley.

Q: How is the road condition from Darjeeling to Tinchuley?

A: The road is excellent till a stretch but it gets bumpy in the middle if you travel via Darjeeling.

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