Seven Delicious Cuisines of Nepal That You Must Try

Have you heard that Nepalese food isn’t so great?

If yes, then you are completely wrong.

A unique combo of Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan cultures, Nepal is a fascinating place which provides you with some mouth-wateringly delicious cuisines.

 Savor Nepal’s Delicacies!!

Surrounded by India, Tibet, and China, the flavors of Nepalese food are something which you cannot afford to miss. If you have any misconception about Nepalese food being limited to Momos and Thukpa, then change your mind, there is more to eat.

These dishes are not only a part of their daily diet but have great importance in the cultural festivals of Nepal as well!

Nepal’s Lip-Smacking Cuisines!!

Along with mind-blowing sightseeing places, the culinary journey of Nepal is equally interesting.

Here are the top 7 dishes you must try in Nepal if you call yourself a foodie-

1.    Dal Bhat

If you are looking for the national dish of Nepal, Dal Bhat would be it. This delicious dish is comprised of lentil soup with rice and vegetable curry.

It also comes with a host of delicious accompaniments such as-

•    Pickles

•    Curries

•    Meat

•    Yogurt ( curd)

•    Chutney

•    And fish.

2.    Yomari

Offered by the Newar community, Yomari is one of the unique as well as steamed dishes in Nepal. Securing a peculiar shape, this dish is prepared during the winter time to cope up with the weather. Chaku and Kuwa are the special sweet ingredients of this dish.

3.    Samay Baji

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Reflecting the extraordinary feeding habits, Samay Baji is another famous dish of Nepal. This dish is served as a starter during the family get-together. It consists of beaten rice and is served with many side dishes like-

•    Choila

•    Fried boiled egg

•    Black soybeans

•    Spicy potato pickle

•    Finely cut ginger

•    Spiced beans

•    Green leafy vegetables

•    Buff etc.

Yummy! Already watery?

4.    Sael Roti

Common in almost all Indian hilly places, Sael Roti is a sweet and ring-shaped dish in Nepal. Prepared mainly during Tihar in Nepal, it is deep fried rice dough. Sugar and cardamom add more taste to it.

5.    Chatamari

Popularly referred as Newari Pizza, Chatamari is a must try delicacy of Nepal which is made from rice flour. Topped by rice crepe with minced meat, egg, and vegetables, Chatamari is quite different from other bread.

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The bread is baked without flipping it in the pan, unique no?

6.    Momo

The most delicious as well as an all-time favorite for all, momos are popular Nepalese dumplings. They are usually filled with steamed vegetables or meat, encased in flour-based dough and then steamed or fried.

7.    Pulao

Pulao is regarded as the most pious food among the Hindus which is usually served during sacred rituals. Prepared with rice flour, butter, and sugar, Pulao is the ultimate sweet dish which gives your taste-buds heavenly feeling.

Already feeling butterfly in your tummy? With a wide variety of dishes to try, a trip to Nepal is mandatory for an excellent & memorable holiday!

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