Rangpo In Sikkim – Spend Your Vacation in This Small Alluring Village

If you like exploring offbeat places then Rangpo is one such place in Sikkim which is a beautiful place offering something for all with its own unique culture and tradition.

The entire state of Sikkim is perched on the undulating mountainous terrain with picturesque beauty and Rangpo is a town bordering the state of West Bengal and it serves as a link between Sikkim and the rest of the country. It is located at an elevation of 333 meters above the sea level.

How to reach Rangpo from NJP

NJP to rangpo route map

You can avail NJP car rental service best local tour operator in Siliguri. Reach directly from NJP to Rangpo by car from various routes at a distance of 80 kilometers. It takes a time of 2 hours 43 minutes approximately.

But the best possible way is marked below to make the journey early and time-saving:

  • From NJP turn left
  • Then turn right and left
  • Continue onto VIP Road
  • Then turn left onto Eastern Bypass
  • Later turn right at the Commerce Valley onto Thakur Panchanan Road
  • Then turn left onto Debi Chaudhurani Road
  • Turn right onto NH10
  • Then turn left onto Lower Bazar Road
  • Reach Rangpo, Sikkim

Best time to visit:

Rangpo has a cold weather all throughout the year so it is ideal to visit at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Rangpo is during the months of May to June and October to November.

The summers have a pleasant warm weather and the tourists can enjoy the outdoor activities in the bright sunshine. During the autumn season the weather gets very suitable and a bit cold which is perfect for sightseeing in Rangpo.

Best attractions of Rangpo:

1-Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is a wildlife sanctuary which is located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from the main village of Rangpo. The total area of the park is spread at a distance of 124 kilometers with few other hamlets inside the sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary is linked to Bhutan forest which acts as the famous biodiversity for migratory birds.

Distance from Rangpo: Located at a distance of 82 kilometers

2 Rongli village:

It is a small village which is very well preserved in the Himalayas and is a small town in the Eastern part of the country. It has a beautiful river which flows through the Rongli town. Also, there is a dam called Rongli Dam on this river.

Distance from Rangpo: Located at a distance of 35 kilometers

3-Gulmohar Picnic Spot

Gulmohar Picnic Spot sikkim
Image Courtesy: India And International Holiday Packages

It is a picnic spot which is situated on the banks of the Rorathang River which gives many opportunities for the tourists to indulge in activities with their families or friends and take strolls amidst the greenery of the park.

Distance from Rangpo: Located at a distance of 4 kilometers

Adventure activities in Rangpo:

Rangpo is a small village so it does not have a long list of adventure activities except White River Rafting across the Teesta River. It is the best possible way of experiencing the cool and smooth waves of the river.

Visit the lesser known town of Rangpo

Rangpo is a small town which is a gateway to Sikkim. The beauty and the serenity of this destination have made it one of the most tourists visited spot in Sikkim. Hence, you can plan your trip for Sikkim and head to Rangpo to admire the peace and serenity of this small town of Sikkim.

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