Ravangla In South Sikkim – 7 Places You Can’t Refuse To Visit

Ravangla In South Sikkim

Ravangla-the charming town where clouds seem close to touch

Situated at an elevation of 7,000 ft Ravangla is relatively a newly discovered destination in Sikkim. It is a semi town located on the Gangtok-Gaysling highway and is becoming a hot favorite destination for travelers because of its dramatic scenery and unimaginable natural beauty.

Another reason which is earning a massive popularity for Ravangla is the uninterrupted and breathtaking view of the Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Pandim, Mount Sinialchu and Mount Kabru. One can also enjoy the amazing experiences of snowfall here.

Yes, the upper ridges of Ravangla witnesses snowfall during the winter season. During April-May, this semi picturesque town takes up a colorful, fragrant look which looks no less than paradise.

NJP to Ravangla:

Ravangla is situated at a distance of roughly 123 km from NJP Railway Station. If you hire a car from a car rental company in Siliguri, then it would take almost 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach Ravangla from NJP.

NJP to Ravang Distance
Image Courtesy: https://goo.gl/maps/CaBAkVqZg562

Easiest Route From NJP To Ravangla Is Described In Brief:

  • Drive towards the eastern side of NJP
  • From Gora More continue driving onto Eastern Bypass
  • Through Debi Chaudhurani Rd
  • Turn right onto NH 10
  • Drive towards the right-hand side onto NH710
  • Keep driving on NH710
  • Turn towards the left side to reach Namchi-Nayabazaar Rd
  • Then turn towards the left-hand side onto Damthang Rabongla Rd
  • Turn left at NH510
  • Finally turn right to reach Ravangla

But the journey becomes more enjoyable as well as memorable if you travel via Gangtok. In case you are in/from Gangtok and want to travel to Ravangla, then the bellow details will come to your aid.

If you travel from NJP to Gangtok by car it takes almost 4 hours covering an area of 120 km. Car booking from NJP to Gangtok has become easy with Disha Tour and Travels car hire service

Gangtok to Ravangla Distance
Image Courtesy: Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/grEMnHeEzS32

Ravangla is located at a distance of almost 70 kilometers from Gangtok and it takes around 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach there.

So, let us mark the easiest and fastest route from Gangtok to Ravangla for the betterment of your journey:

  • Drive towards the south-west side of Indira Bypass Road
  • Turn right onto NH10
  • Turn right onto NH510
  • Turn right to reach Ralong Rd
  • And you reach the pristine town of Ravangla

Major Sightseeing Destinations In Ravangla

1-Buddha Park-is the landmark which every tourist should during a trip to Ravangla. A peaceful and mesmerizing ambiance prevails on the spot which enhances the scenic beauty of the place. a gigantic Buddha statue is established there and this is also a great place to know and learn about Buddhism.

2-Ralong Monastery-which is a tremendous and impressive monastery, is among the top visiting spots in Ravangla. It is beyond comparison to any other monasteries in Sikkim because of the collection of Thangkhas and paintings which emulates the plenitude of Buddhism.

3-Bon Monastery-is admired for its synthesized environment. It is also called Bon Yung Dung Monastery. The echoing sound of the chants is something which lures the heart. One can explore the paintings of Bon Deity and Bon Demonical Buddha.

4-Temi Tea Estate-produces premium quality tea leaves along the slopes of the hills developing from Tendong Hills. It was established in the year 1969 and is popular for the spectacular views of the Mount Kanchenjunga covered with snow.

5-Ralong Hot Springs- area basically pools of sulfurous water which is locally known as “Ralang Cha-Chu”. To enjoy nothing in the hot pools, you have to come from March to May which is the perfect time as the weather remains pleasant.

Ralong Hot Springs Ravangla, Sikkim
Image Courtesy: tourmyindia.com

6-Borong-is a small village which attracts tourists for it soothing aura and magnificent ambiance. It also offers a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Mount Kanchenjunga. Vanjan Valley, Fatam Village, Barmeli Bridge are some of the major attractions near Borong.

7-Maenam Hill-offers an eye-pleasing view of the Mount Kanchenjunga on a clear day. It is situated at an elevation of 3,140 meters. One can also visit the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary where rare species of Himalayan birds and animals are found in abundance.

It time to explore the unanalyzed and remarkable land of Ravangla!

If you are meant to visit just one place, it must be Ravangla. The gardens, walkways and serene environment will never let your expectations down.

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