Make Your Darjeeling Trip Peaceful – Top Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks for the Hill Station Darjeeling

Darjeeling-a Must Visit Place

Darjeeling is blessed with many sightseeing locations that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Not only the town, but the whole district of Darjeeling has earned much popularity of being a favorite destination of tourists. North-East India is most famous for Darjeeling which is also the most visited hill station in India. Throughout the year, tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of this hill station on the lap of Mother Nature. Darjeeling also has the world famous Darjeeling tea and the Toy Train which has been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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While you travel, you face lots of problems during the whole journey. This happens when you are not aware of the tricks that might help you while traveling.

Let us note a few Top travel hacks to make your Darjeeling trip smoother

1- Be early in planning your trip

Whenever you are traveling to Darjeeling, list all the spots you are about to visit. Download Google map on your phone instead of a paper map in your hand. You can research on the internet regarding all the necessary information like nearby hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc.

2-Pack lighter and also smarter

This is the thing that you should follow every time you set off on a trip. Darjeeling is situated at an elevation of 2,042 meters. Hence it has a chilled weather throughout the year. So, you should pack jackets, woolens, mufflers, and scarves while traveling to Darjeeling. You should also pack light as it will not be convenient to carry heavy luggage while roaming from place to place.

3-Prefer traveling during the day

Darjeeling has a lot of destinations which give a better experience when visited during the daytime. Tiger Hill is visited at the dawn, even Batasia Loop and the Toy Train ride is enjoyed during the day. To add to this, nightlife can be suspicious and mugging and robbery can take place. Though, such incidents in Darjeeling have not happened. But “Prevention is better than cure”.

4-Wrap your water bottles with plastic

It is a frequent incident that water flows down in your bag. This may make your clothes wet. So, a smart idea to avoid this is to wrap your water bottles caps with plastic. It prevents the water from leaking.

5-Don’t mess up by forgetting to pack the travel charger

To avoid hassles during your journey, charge your phone fully before leaving. It is also advised to take your phone charger along. You can also carry a power bank to avoid searching for charging points.

6-Decide early and book quickly

People who do not book hotels before setting off on their journey; face a lot of troubles in finding accommodation. Hotels in Mall Road Darjeeling are the favorites of travelers. So, they are always booked full to the beam. If you do not book your hotel beforehand, then you will be in trouble.

7-Travel with valid ID card proof while traveling

Traveling is fun but it can be stressful as well. While traveling to Darjeeling, you should pack your ID documents with you. Having a scanned copy of important documents relieves you of being stressed.

8-Pack better and try rolling your clothes this time

To save space you can roll your jeans, shirts, etc as it saves a lot of space. Avoid folding as your clothes might get wrinkles. Roll up your belt and put it inside the shirt’s collard to keep them crispy.

These travel hacks are simple tips that enhance your Darjeeling experience

A journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling with reliable car service is most enjoyed when it is free of any hassles. Following the above-mentioned tricks will offer you a trip to Darjeeling which will be a memorable one. Get a taste of the mouthwatering traditional food, walk around the roads and enjoy a cup of tea in a chilled morning in “the Queen of the hills”.

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