Lavish Tours to North East India

Life will become boring without traveling and discovering new places that might appear to your dream. Witnessing some of the exquisite destinations on earth is possible by finding time for travel. Most of the time people plan their lavish tours by gathering some information from the internet and start doing researches to reach those places which welcome extra efforts and sometimes end up with misguidance.

 You can make your tour lavish and quite interesting by getting in touch with travel agencies who are known to those places that you are looking for a long time. Best travel agency in Siliguri gives you the opportunity to visit the virgin locations of North East India. We are giving you a glimpse of those paradises by highlighting the ways to explore. You will add fun to your life with the experience that will remain close to your heart forever.

There is no need to make your tour a burden for you because the agency will look after everything including your transportation, location spotting, and accommodation so that you can travel lavishly.

Let’s focus on the top 5 experiences of North East India that are unknown to the rest of the world

River Rafting at Siang, Arunachal Pradesh

River Rafting at Siang

To make your lavish tours deserving and remarkable you must explore something unique and adventurous. You might be thinking that what is so special about river rafting as you will find it in other places in India. But Arunachal Pradesh which is better known as the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ comes with an amazing experience of river rafting.

In the early years when Arunachal Pradesh was a union territory and known as North-East Frontier Agency, there is only one district called Siang. Later the state was divided into many more districts. Siang River is the most prominent river of the state which flows from China and popularly as the Brahmaputra in Assam. This fast flowing river is suitable for river rafting and passes through the mountains by making the rafting an amazing experience for you. Siang gives you the adventure to row your rafts in grade 3 and 4 level rapids and riffles. You need to reach Pasighat which is connected with Guwahati through air and road services.

Rain Dance at Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya


What can be more dramatic and experimental than visiting the unexplored paradise of the earth during this summer? Yes, Cherrapunjee is one such place where you will get lost into nature and serenity. This place was earlier known as ‘Sohra’ and later known as Cherrapunjee is considered to be the second most wetted place on this planet. The weather is very unpredictable at this reason so you must bring an umbrella with you. The beauty of nature can be observed and experienced in a different by traveling to this natural picturesque.

 You will find waterfalls, rivers and mountain ranges along with the warm hospitality of innocent people over there. Walking into the villages makes you aware of their culture and how they manage their life with blessings of nature. Nohkalikai waterfall, Living root bridges, Mawsmai Cave road, and Eco Park are the special attraction of Cherrapunjee. If you manage your time by getting in touch with the best travel agency in Siliguri then you must visit Dawki which is famous for Umngot River and its crystal clear water that makes you believe that the boats are flowing on the sky.

Blessings from Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

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Sikkim is one of the small states in India that attracts people for its natural beauty and culture. You find the difference when you entered the state through Siliguri. Whether you are riding a bike or watching the views from the car window, every time you will feel the solace by traveling into this delightful destination. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim from where you will get connected with the rest of the places. Start your lavish tours with Lachen which literally means ‘big pass’ to enter the divine lake called Gurudongmar.

 People connect this lake with spirituality as beauty is incomparable and mesmerizing. It is really difficult to choose the perfect time to visit as the place look stunning throughout the year. During winter the frozen lake looks outstanding whereas in summer the pleasant weather and the view make you feel better. For us, winter is more appealing though you might wait for some days if the roads get closed due to heavy snowfall.

River Island at Majuli, Assam

River Island

Assam is the most civilized and cultural place in the entire northeast which shares some of the unique and extraordinary destinations to explore. With the most ancient civilization that starts from the Ahom kingdom, this divine land is a must visit place for everyone who loves to travel. Do you know that Assam has world’s largest and smallest islands? Yes, you will find Majuli which is considered as the world’s largest river island and Umananda which is the smallest one. Tour to Majuli is something that makes you a true traveler in search of untold tales.

You will culture the traditional practices of Assamese people by listening to the folks, tasting the river fish of mighty Brahmaputra and meeting those innocent people who will explain you the essence of their age-old tradition and culture. Satra is one of the centers of attraction which is built by 16th-century reformer Sankaradev. Visiting Majuli will take you closer to nature and people instead of finding noise or violence.

The Royal Ujjayanta Palace, Tripura

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That’s the specialty of northeast India where you can find a variety of pleasure and attractions. If somewhere the mountains stand furiously then somewhere the royal palace of Agartala welcome you to witness the lavish architect of Ujjayanta palace built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in the year 1901. Later the palace was taken by the Tripura government. Till 2011 the palace served as the meeting place for the Tripura Legislative Assembly but now it is a museum and a popular tourist place to feel luxuries lifestyle of Indian Kings.

Here, you can watch magnificent tiled floors, curved wooden ceilings and lovely doors with Mughal Garden in the front. During the night the palace looks wonderful with different kinds of lights and decorum. The palace share temples of Hindu deities holding priceless designs. The palace includes the Public halls, Throned room, Durbar Hall, Library, The Chinese Room and The Reception Hall.

Exploring North East India is not easy in a short span of time. Plan lavish tours & manage your dates by discussing with the best travel agency in Siliguri in order to cover some of the breath-taking and magnificent destinations that share unique stories to remember for the lifetime. So plan your lavish tours now! 

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