7 Offbeat Heritage Destinations of North Bengal

Just like heredity heritage is the actual essence of a place. How old and mature a place is, is calculated by its heritage sites.

 Older the wine better the taste. This is a known proverb and true too. We always respect our elders and take advice from them whenever needed. Old is always valued and preserved. So as the heritage sites. The heritage sites of North Bengal are well preserved. But not many know about these places.

In this Blog, you will get to know about 7 most important but lesser known heritage Destination of north Bengal:

  1. Coronation Bridge:

British India experienced much beautiful architectural magnificence. Coronation Bridge is one among them. its one of heritage destination of north Bengal. This bridge was built in the honor of King George 6‘s Coronation ceremony in the year 1937.

It is commonly known as Sevoke Bridge. The locals call it Lohapool.

NH31 goes through this bridge. Therefore, the bridge is very well accessible.

Historical importance: This Bridge was built to honor King George 6’s and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

Built in: 1937

Where is it located: It is located in the district of Darjeeling.

2. Mcfarlane Church Kalimpong:

if you visit in north Bengal to know more about it and you leave without seeing Mcfarlane Church Kalimpong that means you missed the most beautiful place tour plan. This historical monument of Kalimpong was built in 1890. The church was damaged in the 2011’s earthquake in Sikkim.  The church is named after William Mcfarlane, who was the 1st missionary to visit Darjeeling from Scotland. Now the church is again repaired and opens for the devotional minds.

Historical Importance: A very old church named after William Mcfarlane, the person who visited Darjeeling from Scotland.

Built in: 1890s

Where is it located: Chotta Bhalukhop, Kalingpong, North Bengal

3. Darjeeling Capitol hall :

Dates back in British India, this building was established by His Excellency the honorable Lawrence John Lumply Dundas in the year 1917. It was made the municipality building of Darjeeling in the year 1996.

Historical Importance: A historical monument of British India built by Lawrence John Lumply Dundas.

Built in: 1917

Where is it located:  Chauk Bazar, Darjeeling

4. Coochbehar Rajbari :

if you are planning a short trip in north Bengal so this is the thing you should see ones in your life. The Palace was built while Maharaja Nipendra Narayan was ruling in Coochbehar in the year 1887. This palace was built after being inspired by the Buckingham Palace in London. It is a two-storied building built in complete western style.

Historical Importance: A beautiful palace of Maharaja Nipendra Narayan that was built after being inspired by the Buckingham Palace in London. 

Built in: 1887

Where is it located: Cooch Behar, North Bengal

5. Morgan House:

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When India was colonized, George Morgan built this house in Kalimpong. It is a tourist place in north Bengal. its very beautiful building built on the hills. This building is now a property of West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. The house is now a comfortable hotel for the tourists.

Historical Importance: A beautiful monument of the Colonized India in the hills of Kalimpong.

Built: 1930’s

Where is it Located: Kalimpong, West Bengal

6. St. Mary’s Grotto, Kurseong:

In the St. Mary’s hill of Kurseong is the Grotto located. It is been inspired by the Lady of Lourdes in France. This is one of the most famous heritage destinations of north Bengal and religious sites in Kurseong. This is not only for the Christians but also for all other religions.

Historical Importance: The Grotto is built being inspired by Lady of Lourdes.


Where is it Located: Kurseong

7. Margaret’s Hope:

this is a very good places to visit in north Bengal in June. This tea garden was first known as Bara –Remington. It belonged to Mr. Bagdon an English man who came with his two daughters in Darjeeling. The younger daughter loved the scenic beauty and the garden a lot. While returning back home in England, the girl died. Therefore after returning back the English man named the garden Margaret Hope on the name of his daughter.

Historical Importance: Named after Margaret Hope the little daughter of the owner of the Tea Garden.


Where is it Located:  Margaret Hope Darjeeling.

Why always roam about in the popular destinations of North Bengal? Choose something different and enjoy the heritage North Bengal. Next time you visit North Bengal don’t forget to enjoy its heritage.

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