Car Rental in Sikkim- Important Things to Know

Located in the eastern part of the Himalayas, Sikkim is blessed with immense natural beauty that attracts tourists from all around the globe. Despite its raw and natural scenic splendor, this place offers all modern amenities to lure travelers. The lush valleys and the mountain ranges make your trip to Sikkim a memorable one.

Hiring a car rental service!

Since tourism is one of the top favorites here, there are many travel agencies to offer car rental in Sikkim. However, it is important to book a car from a reliable travel agent at a reasonable price.

But what to know before booking!

Have your documents ready:

There is nothing bad about reaching a car rental company without your documents. But you must always keep in mind to gather your documents and keep them with you whenever you visit to rent a car.

Decide on the place:

There are many spots in Sikkim, so you must plan your tour. In this way, you can be aware of the road conditions and reach safely to your destined destination.

Do a thorough check of the car:

Before you agree with all the terms and conditions, you must check the car. This will help you in not holding you responsible for any damage that will happen to the car.

Restrictions on vehicles:

West Bengal registered vehicles are not permitted after a certain point but Sikkim registered vehicles are allowed. So, it is a smart idea to hire a car rental in Sikkim for the journey.

Be flexible in pick up locations:

Quite often it is cheaper to hire a car at the airport. In the proper city or town, prices may differ widely so you must always choose your pick-up location from before.

Beware of additional surcharges:

Before booking a car rental in Sikkim, you must always decide upon the prices. There are times when they ask for additional surcharges so choose your company as well as car wisely to avoid additional cost.

Satisfied? Plan your next trip with car rental in Sikkim and explore the best of this magical yet mystic land!

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