Goa is the smallest state in India. It sits just below the state of Maharashtra, hence many tourists venture for a joint tour to Mumbai & Goa, owing to their close proximity. However, a tour of the state itself is packed with adventure & entertainment. Goa is a coastal region, with endless stretches of sand-filled beaches under the shady palm trees. The laid-back atmosphere of the region, dotted with sweet water lakes and salty shores, attracted a lot of hipsters from the globe, who used to live here in communities, having the time of their lives. Ever since then, Goa became the best place to crash in if recreation is in your mind. The state started to offer top-notch accommodation & recreation facilities to the tourists and started to become a more commercial & luxurious destination.


Being a port, Goa was colonized by the Portuguese traders for four centuries. Hence, their impact is plainly visible in the lifestyle, cuisine & architectural imprints in Goa. Here, you will run into the first English medium school and Medical school that was established in India. The vintage churches, bungalows and Portuguese-inspired cuisine are worth exploring. The lavish resorts, cruises & casinos of Goa offer you a taste of luxury. You will run into the most happening crowd in the bars and pubs or you can just lounge in an idyllic beach on lazy days. Goa offers versatile recreation choices to you in accordance with your mood.



Feijoada is a Portuguese dish that is popularly consumed in Goa. It is a beef stew served with steamed rice & orange slices. Goans prepare a seven-layered rich sweet dish with coconut cream, eggs, and jaggery called Bebinca. Chicken Xacuti (Shakuti) is an amazing chicken starter that is a bit on the drier side, marinated with a lot of flavorful powdered spices. Ros Omelette is an extremely popular Goan snack served with bread or rice cakes. It is an omelet served with a flavorful chicken or a mutton curry broth. Goans are also fond of baby shark fish curries and sweet dumplings stuffed with coconut filling.


  • Dushsagar Falls - This four-tier waterfall falls down in foamy white droplets hence is called the sea of milk. The waterfall is breathtakingly beautiful to look at and must be visited once.
  • Naval Aviation Museum - It is Asia's only naval museum, complete with an indoor & outdoor section featuring battle aircraft, bombs, pilot suits, armaments, gears and more.
  • Tito's - It is one of the first and undoubtedly the best nightclub in Goa, with a separate two-tier setup for dancers and onlookers. Find amazing drinks and food to go with the flow.
  • Anjuna Market - Don't miss out on this flea market when you are in Goa. You will run into everything exotic in here, from junk accessories, fresh seafood and souvenirs in shoe-string prices.
  • Baga Beach - Perhaps the most popular beach in Goa, packed with merrymaking crowd and stalls selling exotic seafood and snacks. You can spend the entire day in here chilling by the sand and palm shades.
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus - This church shelters the body of St. Francis Xavier. A beautiful remnant of the Portuguese architecture, it is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site.


Goa is famous for two-wheeler taxis. Since Goa is a small state, its states are only as big as towns, that can be visited in a short time. If you are a tourist, watch out for yellow bikes. Goans offer to ride you from one city to another on a bike, and charge you accordingly, just like any hired taxi might charge you on a meter basis. This unique mode of convenient transport is ideal for a cozy destination like Goa, where every location is just a stone's throw away from each other, that you can reach in a jiffy.


  • Nearest Airport – Dabolim Airport
  • Nearest Vehicle Stand - Kadamba Transport Corporation, the state transport agency, connects entire Goa.
  • Nearest Railway Station - You will get direct trains to Goa from stops like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Chennai and more.