Uttarey- A Little Hamlet Where Natural Beauty Is in Abundance


Uttarey A Beautiful site to take Trekking

Do the beautiful pictures of Gangtok, Pelling, Nathu La Pass, and Rumtek Monastery pop in front of your eyes when you start thinking of Sikkim? It is very likely to happen as these are the most popular places.

But if you think this is the limit then you are wrong. Sikkim is a land blessed by Mother Nature and there is no end to explore it. One such place is Uttarey. If you are tired of your daily routines and planning to break free with a trip to Sikkim, then make Uttarey your ultimate destination.

Let’s take you on a tour!

Uttarey is a small village in the serene western part of Sikkim. It is situated at a height of 6,600 feet.

This place appears to be a piece of painting on a paper which clearly defines the scenic beauty of its place. It is a perfect place for exploring the Nature on feet. Since Uttarey is still left unexplored, the place is serene and is perfect for someone who wants to stay away from every sign of the monotonous city life.

Best time to explore!!

The pleasant climatic condition of Uttarey is pleasant enough for all kind of visitors around the world. Also, the temperature remains moderate in almost all the season. So, you can visit this place during any time of the year. However, if you are planning to see the blooming in Rhododendrons, then March is the best month!

How to reach!!

  • Bagdogra to Uttarey: If you are travelling by air then Bagdogra airport is the nearest one.

Distance: 160 kilometers

Time: 6 hours and 5 minutes

  • NJP to Uttarey: For the railway travellers, NJP is the nearest railway station. You can opt for car rental to reach Uttarey.

Distance: 156 kilometers

Time: 5 hours and 57 minutes

  • Siliguri to Uttarey: It is easily accessible by road from Siliguri.

Distance: 150 kilometers

Time: 5 hours and 46 minutes

After reaching there!!

The beauty of Uttarey cannot be explained in words if you do not visit this beautiful place and see

  • The breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Singalila Range, and Dentum Peak
  • The grassy trails over the slopes till the villages and the locales
  • The surroundings of the dense forest where peace and tranquillity perfectly blends

In all, it is a picturesque hamlet for you to have a beautiful vacation!

Places to see!!

Uttarey is not confined to just a small village, there are many attractions kept hidden for you to hunt. Like:

  • The Titanic Park: This Park is a building in the shape of the famous Ship which has been constructed opposite to the primary market of Uttarey. The building got closed but has become a place for clicking amazing photographs.
  • The Kagyu Monastery: It is an old monastery in Uttarey which is a place of worship for the locals. It is beautifully decorated with flower gardens and beautiful mountains in the surroundings. The wall paintings within the monastery might be of great interest to you!
  • Tenzing Hillary Memorial Park: This Park was inaugurated in 2015 in Uttarey. It is worth a visit for the mesmerizing view of the area. Also, you find statues of the two great mountaineers.
  • Trout Farm: This farm is just about 2 kilometers from Uttarey village. There are large ponds in which the trout fishes can be seen in thousands and the surrounding is entirely peaceful.
  • Mainbus Waterfall: This is a beautiful waterfall near the village of Uttarey which can be easily visited on foot. This waterfall is at a distance of 7 km from the Uttarey town.

  Hold on! There are more attractions…

Isn’t this amazing? Then hold on, something exciting is left in store for you!

Trekking in Uttarey!!

Varsey is situated at a distance of 64 kilometers from Uttarey. The entire stretch makes an exciting long distance trekking trail. It is not only popular among the Indian trekkers but also a favourite trek for the foreigners too.

The variety of flowering plants dotting the entire route is indeed a fairytale walk!

Uttarey to Varsey trekking route: Uttarey-Achhaly-Kalijhar-Danra Barkhey-Deoningali Dhap-Varsey

Duration of the trek: 5-7 days with night halts

Isn’t it wonderful? If yes, then unbox the mysterious land of Uttarey and get lost in the beautiful wonders of nature like never before!

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