Top 7 Tribes of North Eastern India That’ll Give a Glimpse of Different Cultures

Tribes of North Eastern India

Situated amidst hilltops, green valleys, and astounding places, North East India has painted a picture that you need to see to believe.

Northeast India- ‘Most Glorious Part of India’

Northeast India harbors the immense beauty of high mountain peaks, glittering lakes, gushing waterfalls and serene temples, which will everyone’s tour memorable for the lifetime. The northeastern part of India is one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. Inhabited by more than 200 tribes, Northeast India gives the shelter to a variety of tribes living in absolute peace. This part of India is famous for its indigenous and authentic traditions.

Most Popular Tribes of Northeast India That You Must Know!

Let’s have a look at the different tribes residing in Northeast India-

1. Bodo Tribe:

Bodo Tribe is a heroic tribes of North Eastern India which spread all over the country and shares a great number of people from Assam. Some characteristics of this tribe-

  • These North Eastern tribes are invented rice cultivation, tea plantations poultry farms etc.
  • Bodos are non-vegetarians and their favorite beverage is Zu Mai.
  • Bodos are famous for rearing silkworms.
  • Women make their own dhokhnas, which is the traditional dress of the Bodos.
  • They also make beautiful crafts from bamboo.

2. Kuki Tribe:

Kuki tribes in india
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They are just migratory birds. You will found them everywhere throughout the vast area of the Northeastern part. Their distinguishing features are-

  • They usually reside on hilltops and their villages are a group of houses that are built very close to each other.
  • They cultivate dwarf cotton and yarns.
  • Kuki men wear a unique jacket along with a head cover.
  • Smoking is enjoyed by these people. They use extensively created pipes, made up of stones and brass metal.

3. Adi Tribe:

It is one of the famous tribe in Arunachal Pradesh who live on hills and have own village council. Interesting features of them-

  • Women wear spiral earrings and yellow necklaces.
  • You can explore tattoo in hands and legs which is quite popular among those people.
  • Rice cultivation is done by the people and rice is the staple food there.
  • They keep and rear pigs, chickens and also grow vegetables in their home.

4. Nishi Tribe:

Originated from the Indo-Mongloid stock, Nishi Tribe is the largest tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The distinguishing characteristics of them-

  • Their hairstyle is very different. They plait their hair in a unique way and tie it on the forehead.
  • Men wear sleeveless shirts. A mantle of cotton is worn around the throat and shoulders.
  • Females wear beaded pendants and earrings.

5. Angami Tribe:

Angami Tribe is one of the major tribal communities of Nagaland and has a population of more than million. The features of Angami Tribe you must know-

  • Men wear shawls and women Mechala.
  • Both men and women wear ornaments which are made from natural stones.
  • Traditional Music is a part of their rituals.
  • Angamis are popular for their artworks which are the famous all over the country.

6. Bhutia Tribe:

Bhutia Tribe belongs from Sikkim that has migrated from Tibet. And they are inhabited now in Lachen and in Lachung areas of North Sikkim. This tribe is considered as one of most developed tribes because of their livelihood. Their characteristic features are-

  • Male wears Bakhu and women carry heavy gold jewelry with sleeveless blouses.
  • The main garment includes a loose gown.
  • People of this tribe live in the rectangular shaped house called Khin.

In order to indulge in their culture here is the route to Sikkim-

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7. Garo Tribe:

Garo Tribe is the second largest tribal community of Meghalaya as they occupy 1/3rd from the total state population. This tribe is famous for its some unique features-

  • They have a great love for music and dance as they used various traditional music instruments.
  • Garo men wear a turban with clothes while women’s wears a blouse with a cloth.
  • They harvest many important crops like rice, ginger, millet etc.

Popular FAQs-

Q. Which is the best time to visit Northeast India?

A. The best time period to visit Northeast India is November to May.

Q. What are the most iconic tourist spots in Northeast India?

A. The most alluring and iconic tourist spots in Northeast India are Gangtok, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Manipur, Mizoram, Darjeeling etc.

Q. What are the famous cuisines in Northeast India?

A. The most lip-smacking dishes in Northeast India are Khar, Pitha, Fish Tenga, Sanpiau, Gyathuk, Zan, Chikhvi etc which you must taste.

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