An Exciting North Sikkim Tour Plan Along With Silk Route

Phadamchen to Zuluk, old silk route

North Sikkim is being a unique combination of mountains, lakes, and serene temples should be included in your first preference while planning a holiday trip.

North Sikkim- Gem of the Capital State:

The northern part of Sikkim is one of the most eye-catching and unexplored landscapes in India. In North Sikkim, the picturesque beauty of the snow-capped mountains, gushing waterfalls, serene temples, and magnificent lakes spellbinds every visitor.ย

Whether nature lovers/adventure enthusiasts/ honeymoon couples or families the alluring beauty of North Sikkim shall take your breath away.

Silk Route in North Sikkim-

Silk Route of North Sikkim is part of the ancient trade network that connected India and China in ancient times. The range of Silk Route spreads from the eastern side of Sikkim through terrains of the Himalayan range.

Why Is It Called Silk Route?

As the route was the hotbed of silk trading route between two countries, which are China & India, thatโ€™s why called silk route. The entire silk route covered China, India, Persia, Middle Eastern Kingdoms, Egypt and extended up to Europe.

In India, the entry point of this road is through North Eastern Sikkim which is known for its rugged terrain and marvelous beauty.

How to Go Silk Route from Kolkata?

As you know, North Bengal is the gateway to Sikkim; you have to visit Sikkim via NJP railway station or Siliguri.

You can reach Siliguri is either by taking a flight from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to Bagdogra Airport or you can board a train up to NJP railway station.

Here, you can opt for car booking from NJP to reach your desired destination. There are various car rental services from NJP to Gangtok

How to Go Silk Route from Gangtok?

Gangtok to Old Silk Route Distance Map From Google
Image Courtesy: Google Map

The journey of Silk Route on Indian side begins from the capital city of Gangtok and heads to heady heights Nathula Pass. Firstly you have to reach Gangtok by hiring one of the best NJP to Gangtok car services.

The journey by road to the Silk Route via NJP would be a memorable experience for you. Car rental service from NJP to Gangtok will give you the opportunity to get the mind-blowing view of surrounding along the Teesta River with hills on both sides. The journey along the Silk route is so much thrilling which will give you surely an adrenaline rush.

Best Time for Trekking Through the Old Silk Route-

The best time for trekking through the Old Silk Route is End of December to Mid-April, as this time the road remains closed.

Lastly, We Should Know the Importance of the Silk Route-

Fact 1: The Silk Road is a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea.

Fact 2: The first thought which strikes us after hearing the word Silk Route is that it must be a route where silk used to be imported or exported but in reality, it was horses, wool and teas that were traded along with silk through the Silk Route.

Fact 3: More than Trade, it was the development of civilization along the exchange of culture in which this route played a very significant role.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag & get ready for exploring the mesmerizing beauty of Silk Route and make your trip memorable for a lifetime.

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