Tips You Must Keep In Mind While Traveling Solo To The Wonderful Sikkim

Solo Travelling to Sikkim

Sikkim the Magical State in the Lap of the Mother Nature

Situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas, Sikkim is among the most peaceful states in the world. Gangtok, which is the capital of Sikkim, is the second most visited hill station in India after Darjeeling. The whole state of Sikkim has high importance in tourism. The government has put many efforts to promote the marvelous destinations in Sikkim to be visited. You will be at awe exploring the initiatives of the state towards cleanliness.

When it comes to describing the locals of Sikkim, peaceful is the word that comes to everyone’s mind. Words fall short of when the beauty of this magical state is described. So, a trip to Sikkim would be a great idea whether you traveling with your friends or traveling solo. Disha Tour and Travel agency in Siliguri offers Sikkim travel packages at reasonable rates for a smooth journey be you are from Siliguri, NJP or other pan India Cities.

#Travelling Solo!

Traveling solo is a great idea. It can be better than traveling with your friends and family. You get to eat what you want; you can stop at any place of your choice and can avoid the domination of others while you travel alone. You may think that traveling solo won’t be fun. Guess what! You are not right at all. Sometimes you need to spend some time with yourself only without anyone around you. Creativity comes to mind when you are alone. Now you must be thinking where should you travel to? Well, nothing can be a better place than Sikkim to travel alone. Sikkim tour authorized travel agents in Siliguri like Disha Tours provides the best packages to explore the best of Sikkim. But before setting off for your journey there are some tips that you must not forget.

Keep In Mind While Traveling as Solo in Sikkim

#1-Early to Rise!

It is always recommended to start your day early while you travel. Since Sikkim has lots of sightseeing locations which are best visited during the dawn or in the early morning. Not only that, when you travel alone waking up early gives you a lot of time to explore the nearby places ignoring the crowd.

#2-Travel with fewer and lighter luggage

You travel alone to spend some quality time not to drag your luggage. Do not travel with lots of baggage while you travel solo as it might be troublesome for you and spoil your trip. Be aware of the fact that, Sikkim is situated at higher altitudes so bringing some jackets and woolens is necessary.

#3-Eat as you like

Food is just another way of spending some time and be yourself when you travel solo. Do not rely on fast food only though they are mouthwatering but some fancy restaurants are happy to serve the solo travelers. You can plan the schedule for the rest of the day while you are eating.

#4-Take lots of pictures

Sikkim is dotted with lots of amazing spots and clicking pictures of those places won’t be a bad idea. so bring out your Smartphone or selfie-stick and start taking pictures of the breathtaking surroundings and share it on social media. Let your friends check out your pictures and you will feel as if they are with you. You will be traveling solo but you are never lonely.

#5-Pack medications

It is highly recommended to pack some necessary medicines and first-aid kits while you travel whether alone or with family. This is one thing you should never forget. The roads in Sikkim are curvy so you may feel nauseous. Packing some anti-vomiting tablets, balms, band-aids, etc can be a helping hand especially when you are traveling alone.

#6-Stay safe

Traveling solo is rewarding and amazing. But you must be aware of safety too. Watch your drinks, keep your valuables with you, and do not trust everyone you meet. Do not blaze pieces of jewelry and valuable cameras or electronic devices as it may attract others.

Hurry to book a package to Sikkim

These are some of the necessary tips you must not forget. When you get in touch with tour operators in Siliguri, like Disha Tours you get detailed information about traveling tips along with packages to Sikkim at affordable rates. Explore the best of Sikkim by traveling alone during the months of March-May and October-December. Travel with a positive attitude and will have a lot of memories filled with fun.

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