Shopping in Bhutan is Much Fun When You Know What to Buy

Things to buy from bhutan

“The first country to adopt happiness as an official goal of public policy is the tiny little country of Bhutan in Asia near China and India.”- Derek Bok

Travelling is always fun and refreshing. Getting a memento or a souvenir is like bringing home a piece of that tasty cake. While you are in Bhutan you must visit the handicraft industry. The things that they make locally are just fabulous. You should never miss on their local, ancestral crafty masterpieces.

To know where to get these products you need to have an idea about the local market. If you are traveling with the best travel agency from Siliguri, they will help you locate these markets well.


1. Thangka Paintings-

Thangka Painting is a traditional and most popular artwork of Bhutan. It is usually painted on a silk appliqué or cotton cloth. They represent Buddhist preaching and teachings. These paintings are drawn by natural colors. Mandalas are most popular thangka paintings.

If you are a painter or love painting you must buy these from Bhutan. Also, people, those who want something unique to decorate their drawing room can go for these paintings.

Price: 7000 rupees(approx)

Places you can find Thimphu, Zorig Chusum and Authentic craft bazaar.

2. Prayer Flags Lungta-

Prayer flags are the most common and meaningful take away from Bhutan. Prayer flags have a hidden meaning to it. It is believed that these flags carry blessings. While you are in Bhutan you will find these flags everywhere beside the road, above the mountain, and in the temples. It is said that when the wind blows by the flag, it carries blessings and bless whoever it comes in contact with.

Buy these flags and take home the blessings of Bhutan.

Price: 3000rupees(approx)

Places you can find: All the handicraft stores in Bhutan have them.

3. Wooden Carved Mask-

These masks are actually worn by monks, at the time of mask dance. The processes of making them are a bit complex and involve a lot of hand carving.

These are a must buy in Bhutan. They will not only give your home a bit traditional Bhutanese look but also add up to your western home décor.

Price: 3000 rupees(approx)

Place you can find: Zorig Chusum, Thimphu and Authentic craft Bazaar.

4. Yathra-

Yathra is actually a woolen material woven in a region of Bumthang. Yathra is made from traditional handlooms. Women of Chumey Valley weave this material throughout the day. They are made from yak and sheep wool. Then they have died in natural colors.

This Yathra is then turned into bags, coats, wall hangings, rugs, cushion cover, and table runners. You can buy them for your home or for your personal use.

Price: 1000 rupees (approx)

Place you can find: Gagyel waving center, authentic craft bazaar, Thimphu and Zorig Chusum.

5. YIGA Artisanal Chocolate-

YIGA Artisanal Chocolate
Image Courtesy:

These chocolates are made up of finest couverture of Theobroma cacao meaning God’s food or happy food. Different fruits, spices, and berries of Bhutan are infused in these chocolates.

If you are a chocolate lover or if you have kids at home those who love chocolates, then these are a must buy for you.

Price: Not fixed

Place you can find: Ambient Café, Thimphu and TT Mart.

6. Miniature Bhutan-

They make you return home with a miniature Bhutan in your hand. They make the best gifts for you to take for your loved ones. Their products are completely handcrafted and unique. The locals make these gifts with great effort and make sure every piece conveys a story. Their one of the famous piece is 0.3 cm Buddha that has been carved from a pencil’s lead and put into a tiny glass case. There are many more such interesting gifts.

Price: Not mentioned

Place you can find: Thimpu and you can call them in this no. to get their product- 97517474730.

Bhutan welcomes you! Come to take away your piece of happiness and bliss back home.

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