Seven Fascinating Reasons to Witness Spectacular Northeast India

While Taj Mahal forts, Rajasthan’s palaces, and backwaters of Kerala are popular sights, tribal lands of North-East India are a visited spot for immense tranquility!

Paradise on Earth!!

With nature, wildlife, and warmth of emotions spread all around, you will surely want to explore North-East India again and again if once there. Don’t think, we are emphasizing on this beautiful part of India. But if you don’t believe what we say here, pack up your bag and go witness yourself to understand what we mean.

In this article, we bring you the major reasons which will make you want to witness the charm of Northeast India as soon as possible. Let’s have a look-

1.    For its Exotic Wildlife

With over 15 National Parks and more Wildlife Sanctuaries, North-East India is home to a variety of fauna and flora. Either it birds, reptiles, mammals, or plant species-everything you will get here. So, are you ready for Jungle safari? Excited?

2.    For its Charismatic view of landscapes

Being a major part of North-East India under forest cover, North-East India is popularly known as the ‘lungs of the east’. From the snow-capped mountains to mighty rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, everything will be in your close vicinity.

Northeast’s stunning landscapes will take your breath away!

3.    For its Interesting History

If you want to get the glimpse of North-East India’s unique past, you should go to Manipur to witness the ground where the Indian National Army defeated the British. Or, go to Agartala to experience the royalty of Tripura. There’s more history to discover than meets the eye.

4.    For its Places of Worship

Are you looking for holiest places to get inner peace? Then you are in the right place. Every state of North East India offers such pleasing spirituality. From the churches of Meghalaya to the monasteries in Sikkim, everything is serene.

5.    For its Colorful Festivals

Being a part of festivals of any places are ideal ways to learn about the lifestyles of that particular place. Imagine, when drums, chorus singers, and artists gather? Wow! It seems that breaking the monotony of everyday routine is itself a routine here.

6.    For its Ethnic Culture

Are you a culture freak person? If yes, come to North-East India. The rich culture of north-eastern states is characterized by the diverse groups settled in this region. Each tribe has own and distinct custom, cuisine, attire as well as the dialect.

7.    For its Lip-smacking Dishes

If you think food in North East India is all about noodles, soup, and dumplings, you are wrong. This region offers widest a variety of delicacies. From regular meals rice, curries, daal, eggs, to chilly-smoked meats, your taste buds are in for a roller coaster ride.

Need more reasons to explore North East India? No, right? Then what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip as soon as possible for a remarkable experience.

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