Serving Sikkim Authentic Delicacies

Sikkim is famous for its hills, location, people and Food. We all know every region has its own delicacies. Sikkim is nowhere different. If you want to taste its delicacies, come to Sikkim, hire Sikkim car rental services and zoom out in search of these dishes given below.

Before we go into the details of these dishes let us give you a brief of Sikkim.


Sikkim is a small state of India. It is located in the northeastern parts of Himalayas. A wonderful hilly area that is a pleasure to the eye and satisfaction to the soul. When you come to this place, you know what amazing beauty India holds. Mesmerizing places to visit, captivating scenes, meandering rivers and what not.

Beauty is satisfying, but the food is rejoicing.

Whenever we go to visit a new place, we do enjoy the beauty but the specialty of the food wins our heart. Sikkim is one such place that serves your plate with mouth-watering delicacies. 


  1. Dumplings or Momos-

Momo, who does not know about it. This delicacy has soon gained its popularity among the masses throughout India. Those softballs with smooth stuffing, dipped in the chili sauce just taste perfect.

The hometown of these small balls is Sikkim. Born in the hills of this place it has its authenticity within it. Therefore, if you want to taste the authentic momo you will have to visit Sikkim.

2. Phagshapa-

This dish has not gained much popularity however; it is one of the specialties of Sikkim. If you love pork then you must try this dish whenever you visit Sikkim. The taste of this dish is tangy as well as spicy, which reacts with your mind and creates a flavor blast within you.

The main ingredients of this dish are pork and radish. Once you have it you just can’t stop with one bite. People those who are health conscious, they can always order it and relish it without being conscious about overeating.

3. Thukpa-

Thukpa originates from Tibet and now it is one of the famous dishes of Sikkim. This dish is both healthy as well as delicious. It does not give you calories bang rather satisfy your diet with love.

In this soup, you will find everything from vegetables to chicken. With vegetables, you will find noodles, chicken, cottage cheese etc. This soup is now prepared in different places of India but Sikkim is authentic for it. Come to Gangtok, hire a Gangtok car rental service and reach out to those places that prepare Thukpa in Sikkim.

4. Sha Phaley

This is also a dish of Tibetan origin and now found its home in Sikkim. This dish consists of meat, fried thing, and bread. All these stuff make the dish tastier. It is actually crispy on outside and softer inside.

It is actually bread stuffed with pork or vegetables. People love to have it with chili sauce or green chutney. It makes wonderful evening snacks.

5. Gundruk-

Good news for all the vegans, it is your kind of food. This food is a Nepalese origin and is stuffed with leafy vegetables. It is healthy that even a sick person can have it without a doubt.

The main ingredients of this dish are cabbage, radish, and leafy vegetables. Sometimes the mustard leaves are also used in this dish. This dish is specially prepared in the villages of Sikkim.

Come to Sikkim and Taste its Deliciousness:

Next time whenever you think of visiting Sikkim do try these delicacies and relish your appetite. While you visit Sikkim, go for Sikkim car rental services and take a trip around the city to search the best hub of these delicacies.

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