Pack Your Bags For A Budget Trip To Ravangla And Magical Pelling

A trip to Ravangla

Are you planning a refreshing trip to a beautiful hill station? The breathtaking hill station of Ravangla and Pelling might just be the answer to your quest.

Why should you travel to Sikkim?

One of the most peaceful places in the world, Sikkim is packed with lots of wonderful locations to explore. The locals are very hospitable and considered to be one of the happiest people on Earth. The authentic traditional food is sure to give you a mouth-watering experience. The adventurous activities in Sikkim like trekking, hiking, river rafting would give you an exciting experience.

The route to arrive at Ravangla From Siliguri / Gangtok

Siliguri to Ravangla Route
Siliguri to Ravangla Route, Image Courtesy Google Maps

Ravangla is located at a distance of approximately 120 km from Siliguri and takes almost 5 hours to reach by road. You can avail NJP car rental services at reasonable rates and for a smooth journey. Car fare from NJP to Pelling is available by quality service providers like Disha Tours at affordable prices.

Ravangla is situated 68.4 km away from Gangtok and takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to arrive by car. You can reach Ravangla from Gangtok through Indira Bypass Rd. Further move towards NH10 and NH510. Next, go towards Dorjee Kazi Marg and Ralong Road.

Ravangla A heavenly destination on the foothills of the Himalayas

If you want to explore the best of Sikkim, then you must visit Ravangla. It is often considered as the best location among many towns in Sikkim. Ravangla is situated at an elevation of 7,000 ft. For the past few years, Ravangla has been drawing tourist for its amazing ambiance, pleasant weather and a number of sightseeing locations.

If you want to visit Ravangla, it is advised that you choose the best travel package for Ravangla. Disha Tours is the pioneer among tour and travel agencies in Siliguri. Pay a visit to this wonderful creation of the almighty with NJP car rental service offered by Disha Tours.

Magnificent destinations to visit in Ravangla

Ravangla is dotted with lots of magnificent sightseeing locations. A traveler to Sikkim is bound to visit Ravangla at least once. Let us discuss the top attractive places in Ravangla that cannot be ignored:

#1-Buddha Park

Buddha Park was built to mark the 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Gautam Buddha in 2006. A statue of Lord Buddha which is 130 ft long is constructed there. Cho Djo Lake is the most popular attraction here. You can enjoy inner tranquility in the park along with the breathtaking view of the mountains.

#2-Temi Tea Estate

Temi Tea Estate is another popular visiting spot in Ravangla. The government of Sikkim established it in 1969. The altitudes of the tea estate vary from 1200 m to 1800 m and it is spread over 177-hectare areas. It is the only tea garden in Sikkim which produces about 1 Lakh kg of tea every year. If you love adventure, then you can enjoy trekking expeditions to the Tendong Hill and Maenam Hill.

#3- Bon Monastery

Bon Monastery which is also known as Bon Yung Dung Monastery is a great place for refreshment. You can get spiritual happiness here. It was built by Yung Dung Tsultrim in 1980. The monastery exhibits an extremely peaceful environment. It is the only monastery in Sikkim which belongs to the Bon Sect. Inside the premises of the monastery, you can find paintings of Bon Demonical Buddha and Bon Deity.

#4- Ralang Monastery

A trip to Ravangla is incomplete without visiting the Ralang Monastery. Words fall short when the symmetry of the Monastery is described. There is a story related to the monastery that rice grains were thrown at the fourth Chogyal when he returned from a pilgrimage. These rice grains fell at Ralang, thus it was decided to build a monastery here.

Pelling-the second most visited destination in Gangtok

Situated at a distance of 140 km from Siliguri, Pelling is among the top tourists attraction in Sikkim. Ravangla is just 49 kilometers away and takes 1 hour and 46 minutes to arrive by car. Pelling Ravangla tour is packed with lots of sightseeing locations, hospitable people and authentic finger-licking food which also enhance its importance as popular tourist’s attraction.

Some of the most popular visiting spots in Pelling are listed below

  • Pemayangtse Monastery-a high class monastery for pure monks.
  • Rabdentse Palace-ruins of the Rabdentse fort and paradise for bird-watchers.
  • Darap Village- a great photographic spot.
  • Yuksam-has the oldest monastery of Sikkim.
  • Rimbi River-a magnificent waterfall and beautiful Sewaro Rock Garden.
  • Singshore Bridge-a great place for bungee jumping.

Grab the opportunity of a lifetime

While you visit Ravangla and Pelling, you get to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the destinations. Explore Sikkim’s initiatives towards cleanliness and you are assured to get amazed by the tidiness of the heavenly state. Pay visit to these absolutely wonderful visiting spots and return with a memory to cherish in your heart forever.

If you do not visit, you will never know what you have missed.

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