Detail Knowledge about the Four Airports in Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country between India and China. Whereas India and China are two large countries, Bhutan is a small country. All the countries in the world focus on its economic growth.  However, Bhutan focuses on its growth of happiness.

More than 70% of land in Bhutan is covered with forest. It preserves its forests and the green environment. Due to its uniqueness, most of the countries in the world are attracted to it. Thousands of tourist visit Bhutan every day.

Therefore, for your convenience, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the four airports in Bhutan. Having good knowledge about Bhutan’s airport will make your tour in Bhutan easy and hazard free.

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  1. Gelephu Airport:

This airport is located in Samtenling, Gewog in Bhutan. It was built in 2008 and was aimed at building an international airport. However, for a logistic and monetary reason, it started functioning from 2017.

This is now a domestic airport and has only one flight flying to and from it, which is the Druk Air. This flight flies to and from Jakar and Paro (two cities of Bhutan).

Airlines: Druk Air:

Approx Minimum charge: 5 thousand per person

The airport is located 3 km from Gelephu city.

  • Yongphulla Airport:

This is also a domestic airport in Bhutan that is situated in Trashigang town of Bhutan. The airport was built in 2010. This airport has a historical past attached to it. In the 1960’s the Indian Army has once created a single airstrip for the plans to land and fly. Thereafter this airport was closed.

Later in 2010, this airport was reopened and reconstructed. Right now, the airport is in a developing phase and in the way of becoming an international airport. Two of the main airlines flying in and from here to Paro and Jakar are Druk Air and Bhutanese Airlines.

Airlines : Druk Air and Bhutanees airlines

Approx minimum charge: 5 thousand per person

The airport is located 20 km from Trashingang town.

  • Paro Airport:

Paro airport is the one and only International airport in Bhutan. This airport is near to Paro city. The airport was built in 1968and still running. Now it is much more advanced and well planned to fit into the criteria of an International Airport.

Paro is a very beautiful place having such beautiful monuments in it. Come to Bhutan, explore its beauty, and start from Paro.

Airlines: International Airport

Approx minimum price: 10 thousand per person

The airport is located 6 km from Paro Town.

  • Bathpalathang Airport:
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This is also a domestic airport located in Jakar. It was built in 2011 and the youngest airport in Bhutan. Due to some inconvenience, this airport was closed in 2012 but again opened.  Earlier flights from here landed only in Paro.

The two flights that land here and fly from here are Bhutan Airlines and Druk Airlines.

Airlines: Druk Airlines

Approx minimum price: 5 thousand per person

This airport is located 5km from the town of Jakar. 

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