Ancient Knowledge about Folk Dance of North East India

This distinctive dance sparks a fire 
in the inner being of my cultural identity
I remember the soulful violins playing…
as my parents danced with familiarity

By Teresa Ann Moore

Dance is a passion, is a culture and is an identity. It sometimes holds a complete culture within it. Dance is a significant part of our life. If you are a dancer or not, dance really, nourish your soul.

Today in this article, you will get to know about the culture rich folk dance of North East India.

First, let us tell you a little bit about North East India:

North East India has seven states. It includes Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland. These states have highly rich cultural boundary. Once you visit North East, you will understand how culturally, rich and ethically engraved North East is.

Here we are telling you about the folk dance of North East India:

  1. Bardo Chham:

Purpose: The purpose of the dance is to show the good always wins over evil. The Sherdukpen tribe that belongs to the West Kameng district performs this dance. This tribe believes that there are 12 types of evil forces those will appear in different months of the year try to destroy the happiness.

This dance portrays how the good or the happy things win over those evil forces and restore happiness.

Occasion: It is a celebration dance and is performed during the time of festivals.

Region: It is performed in Arunachal Pradesh

Extra element: Those who perform the dance, they wear the mask of different animals.

  • Ponung:

Purpose: It is one of the most important dances of Arunachal Pradesh. Just before the harvesting of the staple crops, this dance is performed.

Occasion: To celebrate the harvest of crops this dance is performed.

Region:Arunachal Pradesh

Extrs element: “ Yoksha”  a musical instrument that looks like sword is used in this dance.

  • Wancho Dance:

Purpose: The Wancho tribe performs this dance during some cultural event or festivals.  

Occasion: during some festival this dance is performed.

Region: Arunachal Pradesh

Extra Element: They thrust the sword while dancing.

  • Bihu:

Purpose: During the celebration of Bihu festival, this dance is performed.

Occasion: Danced during Bihu Festival.

Region: Assam

Extra Element: Lyrics play an important role in the dance.

  • Bagurumba:

Purpose: the Bodo tribe of Assam performs this dance. This dance is inspired from the nature and dedicated to the nature.

Occasion: A dance is performed to rejuvenate.


 Extra Element: Animals are highlighted in the dance.

Visit North East to experience these dance:

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