7 Best Places In North East India To Take A Dip In Hot Springs

hot spring in north east india

Hot Springs is a naturally occurring heater which brings water to a brilliant temperature for natural Jacuzzi and the water is said to be therapeutic.

Northeast India- ‘Most Precious part of India’

Nature has been kind to us, as India is endowed with many naturally occurring hot springs. With over 350 hot springs in, India is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in the world.

And the most jewel part of India is the Northeastern part which boasts numerous soothing hot springs. The mystical places of Northeast India are not only known for their pious nature, but also the medicinal values attached to them.

Hot Springs in Northeast India That’ll Warm up You in Winter-

Northeast India is not only amazed you by its surreal beauty but also with its natural hot springs. Here is a list of the top 7 places you can experience the naturally relaxing hot springs-

1. Yumthang Hot Water Spring-

As you enter into the beautiful Northeastern India, you will have to go pass the comforting small place called Yumthang. Located 135 km away from Gangtok, Yumthang Hot Water Spring has two pools with an average temperature of 50°C. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, Yumthang is a must-visited tourist destination.


Best time to visit– Mid April to June

Curative property– Water is being contained a high percentage of sulfur and minerals are said to be extremely good for the skin.

2. Reshi Hot Water Spring-

Located approximately 25 km away from Gyalshing in Sikkim, Reshi Hot Water Spring is another popular hot springs spot in Northeast India. Your take a dip in this water spring will be worth, as it is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape. To enjoy the waters, there are accommodations in choices of trekkers’ huts for the convenience of the tourists.


Best time to visit- December to February

Curative property- The sulfur-rich hot Reshi Hot Springs are believed to possess curative powers against many skin diseases.

3. Borong and Ralong Hot Spring-

Borong and Ralong Hot Springs are not only popular with locals but visitors from all over the region in Northeast India. These two springs are located at a distance of 7 km from each other in Sikkim. You can reach Borong Springs by opting car rental services in Siliguri who will bring you to Borong via Gangtok and to Ralong Spring.


Best time to visit- June to August

Curative property- The water will refresh your soul as well as your body.

4. Yume Samdong Hot Spring

A 25-kilometer drive up from Yumthang Valley takes you to the Yume Samdong Hot Spring and the journey will forever remain in your mind. This hot water spring along with snow-covered area attracts many people from all over the world.


Best time to visit- March to April

Opening Hours- 8 am to 4 pm

Curative property- By taking a bath in this spring, you may get relief from body pain.

5. Phurchachu Hot Springs

Situated close to one of the four holy caves in Gangtok, Phurchachu Hot Springs are considered to have sacred water. This water spring has emerged from a holy cave here, which is known as the ‘Cave of the occult fairies’.


Best time to visit- February to April

Opening Hours- 8 am to 3 pm

Curative property- The warm temperature of this spring water makes it perfect for the treatment to beat the cold air.


If you want to take a bath in Sikkim’s Hot Springs, you have to reach New Jalpaiguri Railway Station or Bagdogra Airport. From there, you will get several hired taxis to explore those water springs. The best advice for you to go for NJP to Gangtok car rent options to start the journey.

6. Jakrem Hot Water Spring-

Not only Sikkim but Shillong is also one of the most eye-catching Hot Water Springs in North East India. This quaint place about 64 km from Shillong is now attracting the attention of a lot of tourists for its natural hot springs.


Best time to visit- February to June

Curative property- The water from this hot spring will give your body natural spa.

7. Bakreshwar Hot Water Spring-

A pilgrimage center for Hindu devotees, Bakreshwar is located in West Bengal, is also famous for being home to 10 natural hot springs ranging from 43-80°C.

Some of the best hot springs of Bakreswar are Surya Kunda, Dudh Kunda, Agni Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, Shwet Ganga, Amrita Kunda etc. The hottest of the springs is the Agni Kunda (80°C) loaded with many minerals.


Best time to visit- September to June

Opening Hours- 5 am to 9 pm

Curative property- The waters of different Kunda have many curative features like pain relief, control blood pressure level etc.

Benefits of Soaking In Hot Water Springs in Northeast India!!

There are several benefits of being dipped in the hot water springs-

  • The water is containing a variety of different minerals when we are in a hot spring; it increases our blood circulation and oxygen flow.
  • The mineral water in hot springs can also help reduce stress by relaxing tense muscles and you can sleep more peacefully after soaking in it.
  • It also reduces all the body pain because of thermal heat.
  • The high silica content of hot springs will help to smooth and soften the rough skin.
  • The water also cures skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Don’t limit yourself only in exploring alluring places in India and enjoying adventure activities. Try something different for this time and get drenched in the beauty of hot springs in Northeast India.

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