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Car Rental Options From NJP to Darjeeling

NJP Railway Station is one of the largest and oldest railway stations in India. It connects North-East India to the rest of India and has, multiple trains which run throughout the week.

NJP is also one of the busiest railway stations in India and the only railway station for tourists who wish to visit Mirik, Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Kalimpong.

Situated under the Bhaktinagar area in Siliguri, NJP Railway Station was constructed by the Indian Railways in order to connect North Bengal to the rest of the country. So to visit Darjeeling you can avail NJP car rental service.

The heavenly Darjeeling!

Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful and most visited hill stations in India. Travelers come from all over the world to enjoy the breathtaking view of this amazing hill station.

The freshness of the air and the unending tea gardens give you a unique feeling while you are heading towards Darjeeling.

It is not only famous for the sightseeing locations, but also for the Darjeeling Tea which is a world heritage and probably one of the best-flavoured cups of relaxing happiness.

Darjeeling also has a historical significance. During the British Raj, Darjeeling was declared as the summer residency of West Bengal for its pleasant weather.

The reason which attracts most of the tourists towards Darjeeling is the abundance of astonishing destination to be visited not only in Darjeeling town but in the whole Darjeeling district.

NJP to Darjeeling- a Journey to Remember and the Road you Would Enjoy

A journey from NJP to Darjeeling provides an amazing experience of exploring the change in the unique landscapes and the change of the weather.

No one can resist themselves from admiring the breathtaking view of the amazing hills which are covered with snow.

How to reach Darjeeling from NJP?

New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling by Car_Route Map
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The wonderful town of Darjeeling is situated at a distance of approximately 71 kilometers from NJP Railway Station and it takes almost 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach there by car.

You must have understood the importance of traveling to Darjeeling by road. It is also the most preferred mode of transport to arrive in Darjeeling.

The roads from NJP to Darjeeling are curvy and one may feel nauseous and the situation can be worse if you travel by a public transport.

Hence, availing a NJP car rental service from Disha Tours and Travels, Jayanti Travels, etc can be a good option for a smooth and comfortable journey from NJP to Darjeeling.

If you haven’t driven till Siliguri in your own car, nothing to worry!

If it is so, then it is not a problem as many quality service providers in Siliguri offer car rental service. A car rental is hiring a car for hours, days or weeks.

Trusted Siliguri travel agencies like Jayanti Travels, Disha Tour, and Travels, etc provide cars hire at reasonable rates which come with well serviced and washed cars along with experienced drivers.

A recent addition to this is the self-drive car hire option, where you can rent a car which can be driven by yourself. Interesting, isn’t it?

NJP to Darjeeling car booking option provided by many travel agencies in Siliguri comes with best quality service and well-maintained cars.

Let us a make a note of Top 10 Car Rental Option from NJP to Darjeeling in siliguri

Jayanti Travels is among the pioneers of car rental service providers in Siliguri.

They have been serving their customers for the past few years with the best quality service and multiple options to choose from for traveling from NJP to Darjeeling by car.

Jayanti travel always ensures that your time with them is a good experience and great hospitality. 

they provide you car rental in Siliguri at Bagdogra and car hire services from NJP to Gangtok to make sure that you pass your target without much difficulty.

The background of car rental in Siliguri was a monopoly marketplace due to the shortage of options to select from extremely packed places like Bagdogra Airport. Our Siliguri car rental services cover famous places like Bagdogra at a pocket-friendly rate.

Ayush Holidays is among the most trusted travel agencies in Siliguri who offers car rentals with an assured safe journey.

The multilingual drivers are well-behaved and experienced to accompany you throughout the journey from NJP to Darjeeling.

With a originate and entrepreneurial spirit, Aayush has become a good choice for tour operators in North East India. They provide car rental in bagdogra

Leveraging our power in tech and travel, our packages are create to raise the excellence of the northern terrain as a travel destination. 

they provide siliguri car service and problem solving solutions that cater to our client’s every need.

 we have earned the most goodwill travel agency in East India.

Disha Tours and Travels is the leading car rental service provider in Siliguri. You are sure to get an amazing experience while you travel from NJP to Darjeeling with well-maintained cars of Disha Tours and Travels.

They make sure you arrive in Darjeeling safely and comfortably.

Shah Tours offers cars on rent from Siliguri to Darjeeling with luxurious cars at reasonable rates.

They confirm it that the cars are serviced from time to time and are in good condition.

Offering the best service and becoming the top travel agency by the recommendation of the customers in their motto.

If you are interested in traveling to Darjeeling by road.

god mask | car rental in siliguri

then you can contact Bharat Taxi. It is among the most recommended and trusted car rental service providers in Siliguri who offers cars on rent at the best affordable rates.

Utkarsh Travels is a reliable travel agency in Siliguri who offers well-serviced cars with experienced drivers to travel from NJP to Darjeeling.

You can trust them blindfolded as the car rental services provided by them come with no additional or hidden charges.

Prepaid Car is another travel agency who offers cars on rent to travel from Siliguri NJP Station to Darjeeling with luxurious car options to choose from at reasonable rates.

Cabin Sikkim is also one of the ambitious car rental services which offer car rentals with the best possible amenities at reasonable prices.

Visit the “Queen of the hills” in a luxurious car and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Another trusted name in the field of car rental service is Sheeya Tour and Travels.

They offer the best quality cars on rent with all amenities at affordable rates.

You can contact Shanti car for hiring a private or shared taxi to travel from NJP to Darjeeling.

They are also among the most reliable travel agencies who ensure your safety before anything else.

Choosing the right car rental can double the fun and experience!

Opportunity does not knock your door again and again. So, this time make an early decision and travel to Darjeeling.

Along with sightseeing locations, you can get a taste of the local mouth-watering food of the hills. Book a car rental service as it is a budget-friendly option to reach Darjeeling from NJP Railway Station.

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